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Egg Albumen Liquid

liquid egg white

Applies to the group of liquid egg products.

Application Everywhere albumen from eggs is necessary to use in confectionery industry.
Ingredients Hen egg albumen
General information The hen egg albumen liquid is prepared by fresh hen eggs that meet the requirements of EU Regulations.
Product description Hen egg albumen - 100 g. of product corresponds to 3 fresh hen eggs albumens.
Storage Temperature between 0 - 4 ºC in unopened packaging.
Packaging Bag in Box – 10 / 20 / 1000 kg.net.
Shelf life 30 days from production date in unopened package – see storage conditions
Color White
Odor Specific for fresh eggs, with no non-specific smell.
Taste Perfect, specific to freshly broken eggs, with no side non-specific flavor.
GMO In accordance to EU Regulations 1829/2003 and 1830/2003, egg products have not to be declared.
Irradiation The egg albumen liquid is not treated with ionizing or ultraviolet radiation.
Potential allergens (rules 2003/89/CE) Eggs
Nutrition information per 100g. 48 kcal / 208 kJ

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